Day 95 – My last three dollars

  I’m not usually accustomed to giving away my money to the homeless people who I come across, I generally try to give them something more valuable than a few bucks. I give away my blessing bags with toiletries and snacks, I sometimes give them food or even more important, a smile or a kind … Continue reading

Day 94 – The “Hello” project

  Back in January, on day 23 to be exact, it was my act of kindness for the day to smile at 37 different people. I was really surprised at the response I received on that day from every single person I encountered….everyone smiled back!! It was great and 94 days in that is still … Continue reading

Day 93 – Returned lost keys

Day 93 and another opportunity for kindness popped right up without even having to think about it! Life is great like that! 🙂   I had to make a Home Depot run to get a new fan for my sons room. This time of year I am always drawn into the flower and garden department…just … Continue reading

Day 92 – Coffee for Cops

Today’s act of kindness couldn’t have happened any easier than it did…and day 92’s act is short and sweet. I love when opportunity finds me so early in the day!     While on my morning coffee stop there were two Orange County police officers in line behind me also getting their morning coffee fix. When it … Continue reading

Day 91 – Picking the Underdog

By  now you have heard me talk about how busy we have been at work over the last couple months!! It’s a blessing and we couldn’t be more grateful that business has really taken off for us. It’s left us stretched very thin as far as time is concerned and most days were working so … Continue reading

Day 90 – Happy Easter

Today was one of the rare, few days I actually thought ahead and had a plan for my act of kindness….and Easter Act per say. My children have long grown to old for Easter Egg hunts but open any of my craft boxes at home and I guarantee you will find an old plastic egg….I have … Continue reading

Day 89 – Take what you need

This idea for day 89 is not mine, It has been around for a long time and I have wanted to do this forever! Today was the perfect day for it since I was running around doing errands, I knew I would have lot’s of opportunities to stick a few of these up around my … Continue reading

Day 88 – Free Dessert

Day 88 was Date Night! YAY I ❤ Date night!! However after a long day of work hubs and I weren’t up for much more than just dinner. He was in the mood for lobster so where better to go then lobster headquarters….Red Lobster.  It was pretty darn delicious too…mmmmmmmmmmm cheddar biscuits….it’s making me hungry all over … Continue reading

Day 87 – Hidden Treasure

Sorry I have been an absentee blogger this past week. My kindness mission carries on each day but unfortunately my “normal” blogging time has been interrupted by work (shame.) Actually I am glad to be so busy…so technically I am not complaining about that part….just need to figure out a new time slot to knock … Continue reading

Day 86 – Facilitating Kindness

Today’s act of kindness really belongs to my momma bear. I was just the facilitator in what I have dubbed “operation cupcake.” As you probably know if you have followed my blog with regularity, my mom was in the hospital for a lengthy amount of time earlier this year. She has been sick and the … Continue reading